Society of
Intercultural Philosophy

Gesellschaft für
Interkulturelle Philosophie


In deutscher Sprache

Société de
Philosophie Interculturelle


Society of

Intercultural Philosophy


Prof. Dr. Claudia Bickmann, Cologne


Prof. Dr. Georg Stenger
, Vienna



Bernd Müller, Cologne



+  +  +  24. & 25. Februar 2017:   Wiener Forum interkulturellen Philosophierens  "Achsenzeittheorie – gestern und heute"   +  +  +     mehr...




The Society of Intercultural Philosophy (SIP) was founded as a non-profit association in 1992 and has members from all parts of the world at present, are working together in the field of intercultural philosophy. The issue is to open up the strikt limitations of the own cultural conditioning through philosophizing and to exchange with other philosophical approaches of cultures, which seem alien at first, in a historical and systematical dispute.

For this reason, the SIP and its affiliates regularly organize conferences and congresses; furthermore the discussion is present in many publications. Moverover, the members of the SIP try hard to popularize the issue of interculturality in talks, research and teaching, and in panel discussions. The latter take place on a regional level.